How much is my metal building going to cost?

There are a lot of factors that go into the price of your metal building and since no two buildings are identical we do not typically publish pricing. If you would like to speak with a sales representative to get a quote on your project please give us a call today at 785) 271-5559, or fill out this quick online quote.

Does the price include foundation drawings?

The price includes stamped anchor bolt and permit drawings, but it does not include foundation drawings. All Steel Building Systems can provide foundation plans, in many states, for a nominal fee.

When will I get my drawings?

Typically, All Steel Building Systems can provide drawings for your steel building within 2-3 weeks after the building order has been placed.

What equipment will I need to unload my building?

You will need equipment that can lift up to 5000 lbs to unload the metal building material. It will be your responsibility to unload the material if you are coordinating a crew to erect your building. If you are planning to have an erection crew referred by All Steel Building Systems to erect your building and your concrete is ready when the delivery occurs, the crew will unload the building. If you concrete is not ready at the time of delivery, it will be your responsibility to unload materials. if you are coordinating the erection of your building, it will be your responsibility to unload the materials.

Is there any wood in an All Steel Building Systems?

No. All Steel Building Systems are 100% commercial grade red-iron steel.

How long does it take to have a building delivered?

The typical lead time for pre-engineered steel buildings is around 6 to 8 weeks from the date it is ordered. Lead time for mini storage buildings can be around 4 weeks.

Does All Steel Building Systems pull my permits?

No. Permits are the responsibility of the owner.

Are All Steel Building Systems 100% steel?

We offer custom designed pre-engineered steel buildings, also referred to as “red iron” steel buildings. While some companies may offer steel buildings that are comprised of light gauge tube steel or traditional wood components, every All Steel Building Systems building is constructed from 100% structural steel I-Beams. They are very strong and durable.

How will my material be loaded on the truck?

The material will be stacked professionally and evenly with 2′ x 4′ boards included between building pieces to allow for easy removal with forklift.

Will my building and accessories deliver on the same truck?

No. The building arrives on one truck. Large doors such as roll up doors or overhead doors as well as insulation are delivered on separate trucks.

What color options are available?

You can view our color selector, or use our interactive color optimizer to choose the right color for you project.

What is included in my pre-engineered steel building order?

The buildings come complete with roof and wall panels, complete trim and sill kits, anchor bolt drawings, permit drawings, and erection drawings that are all stamped and sealed by a certified engineer in your area. The building packages also come complete with all the hardware that is needed to put your building together with the exception of the anchor bolts. Anchor bolts are usually provided by the concrete contractor or the customer purchases them from an anchor bolt supplier. All buildings come with the option to ADD accessories ranging from Vinyl Reinforced insulation, walk doors, rollup doors, gutters-down spouts, windows, etc…

Can All Steel Building Systems provide doors and insulation?

All Steel Building Systems can supply you with many options for your metal building. The most popular options include: rollup doors, walk doors, insulation, windows gutters-downspouts, light transmitting panels, and vents.

Does All Steel Building Systems have someone who can erect my building?

All Steel Building Systems can refer experienced independent contractors to install your building.

Does All Steel Building Systems offer financing?

All Steel Building Systems does not offer financing at this time. Most companies that claim to offer “financing” will actually just send you on to a financial institution that they occasionally partner with, rather than offer true in-house financing.

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