Aircraft hangars

With advanced technology and the newest computer software, we can design your project quickly and accurately. Compared to other traditional construction methods, MBMI's metal buildings are the most economical and efficient choice. Metal buildings can easily be designed to accommodate hangar doors on any side of the building. With the help of our team, including an in-house engineering staff, your project will be erected fast, saving time and money.

We custom design your steel hangar to have a Bi-Fold door, Hydroswing door, sliding stack door or a combination of different framed openings. We can also add smaller pockets doors to your large framed openings for easy access.

Aircraft hangars are unlike other steel buildings. The engineering that goes behind building a secure hangar is complex in comparison to other building types. Hangars are built with large clear spans and heavy doors that provide the large openings that aircrafts require. MBMI's in-house engineers use their knowledge of the intricacies of airplane hangars to design custom pre-engineered steel hangars.

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